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Exciting times to marry abroad

Sunday, Jan 14, 2018

Stationery – Here at The Wedding Parcel we have been specialising in destination Weddings for over 7 years. We are the home of the “original” luxury message in a bottle wedding invitation and now we are very excited to bring to you more options for this unique product. Our original message in a bottle wedding invitation is a solid glass bottle housing light sand, a mix of sea shells, bespoke scroll and cork. The bottle is then carefully cased inside a white postal box with wood-wool for extra protection.


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I have been asked to design wedding table plans ranging from briefs requesting pink and gold dinosaurs to SKY TV planners.

wedding table plan

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For those of you who already know about Pinterest I don’t need to elaborate. However, for those of you who haven’t heard about it, sit back and get ready for information overload!
wedding table plan

Pinterest is an online website that allows you to collect and save images that you see anywhere on the web. So in the olden days you would buy a magazine and tear out the pictures/text of the bits you wanted to keep, this is still a great way of keeping inspiration but the downside is that you need a lot of folders.

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The Benjamin's Special Day

Wednesday, Dec 22, 2010

The special parts of my day

One of the best parts of preparing our wedding was the table names. My husband and I visited places that were special to us, especially beaches. We took pebbles and stones from these places and with white paint and a steady hand, named our tables after places we loved, Bredon Hill, Three Cliffs Bay and Sousa beach, this one was where James proposed to me.

This gave our tables a personal touch and we were able to put the stones in our garden at home after to remind us of our special day. Doing something like this adds a unique touch to your day and makes it your own.

Special parts of our wedding Special parts of our wedding day

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Rebecca's Wedding Rebecca's Wedding

From the moment you announce your engagement you’ll have an army of friends and family asking questions and making suggestions.  Everyone will have a different opinion on the most important aspects of the day.  For some it will be the dress for others the venue or food and drink.  Some will argue in favour of a small, intimate wedding, while others will feel that a wedding is an opportunity to be extravagant.  My advice to you as you plan your big day is to decide on the things that are important to you.  Of course it is important that you take into account the feelings and opinions of those close to you, but you must remember it is your day and your desires are most important.

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