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Planning a wedding is every girls dream. From the beginning there are all sorts of arrangements to be made, venue, date, time, dress, reception, who will be best man and bridesmaids etc.

When this has all been decided and invites in the form of handmade wedding stationery have been sent out there is a period of little activity, perhaps regular dress fittings for the bride and bridesmaids but other than this it’s just a question of counting down the months and days until the big day. However, when all the invites have been replied to there is the big question of who sits where and with whom.

For a bespoke wedding the personal touches can make the day even more memorable adding humour to an otherwise serious occasion. Guests are excited to see where they are sitting and with whom so a large wedding seating chart located at the entrance to the Reception area invites guests in. Wedding table plans have evolved over the years into an exciting opportunity to show the couples personality or have fun with a favourite pastime of one or both of the couple. The range of subjects is infinitely mind blowing. Themed weddings are on trend and a brewery wedding reception for example enables the couple to use popular wedding beers on the wedding floor plan. These are especially apt when a wedding reception at Brewery is held. To find out which are the best beers to have at a wedding there are numerous craft beers now available in eye catching bottles. A good beer for a wedding may be a locally brewed one. Local breweries are springing up everywhere for instance West Yorkshire claims to have the most breweries in the country numbering 43 producing 276 beers a wealth of choice for an ale wedding. With over 820 UK distillery's now in operation, choosing gin bottles for your wedding reception floor plan has never been easier.

Your wedding day is all about you and creating the seating for wedding reception is a great way to add your own personality to your brewery themed wedding. Gin bottles are now beautifully decorated and when empty can be used on tables with twinkling lights inside to coincide with the table plan. When thinking about things needed for a wedding reception there is so much scope and the wedding table plan can echo the theme or be completely random, whichever, it is sure to be a talking point amongst the guests. Professionally printed table plans can be used afterwards as a picture hanging in the home, a talking point for years to come. There are Gins available for weddings at any time of year, whether you want to go with a gin for its origin or purely bottle design it’s up to you and plays a big part in the planning and executing of your special day:

There are so many beautiful gin bottles out there these days, such as:

Silent Pool, a light blue glass bottle with golden leaves surrounding the bottle.

A Bombay Sapphire wedding theme would be beautiful for a winter wedding. Coupling the aqua blue bottles with white and silver decor would create an enchanting look.

Bloom Gin is a brand of gin suitable for use at a themed spring or summer wedding. It’s elegant shape and beautiful colours make it the perfect bottle to be center stage.

If you wanted an Italian inspired wedding you need look no further than using the Portofino Gin, with the colours of the Mediterranean depicting Portofino itself, it would be a beautiful addition to any wedding table. It is also rated as one of the top 25 best gins by Elle magazine.

Ophir gin has a hint of spice so for Asian themed weddings it would be a perfect centrepiece. The rich colours of dark blue and orange would also be a rich complement to an Autumn wedding with the bottles being filled with Autumn flowers for extra table decoration.

Whitley Neill is a popular brand of gin which offers a range of gins in eye catching colours. There is sure to be a gin in this collection to enhance your chosen colour theme, such as the deep purple bottle of Rhubarb and Ginger or for a spring wedding the Whitley Neill Watermelon and Kiwi bottle in green red and white which would provide a lovely showcase filled with a display of Lilly of the Valley flowers. Whitley Neill blood orange would look stunning with tiny sparkling lights inside. The iconic tree design on the bottle would be ideal for an Autumn themed wedding.

For Scottish themed weddings there is the ever popular range of Edinburgh Gins. The classic London Dry Gin is adorned with blue flowers entwined with yellow and green foliage and bold black text which can be a real eye catcher on a crisp white linen table cloth, the usual base for wedding tables.

The Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger gin bottle in pink and green with black text would be a superb colour choice for those weddings with a pastel coloured theme. Filled with a wide variety of pink and white flowers and green foliage it would look very appealing and sure to impress your wedding guests.

An absolutely magical centrepiece for a winter themed wedding would be the snow globe Gin Liqueur. Shaped as the name suggests, in a snow globe, this stunning bottle is illuminated with the colours of gold, silver orange and red. A perfect addition to your table decoration your wedding guests will feel magical in its glow.

The taste of Orange and Gingerbread can only enhance the experience, or used empty a candle can be placed in the bottle neck, either way it’s sure to be a talking point for your guests.

A list of gins would not be complete without the familiar Beefeater Gin. Ideal for a wedding held in London or simply a wedding theme of British Icons, this tall yet elegant bottle would stand proud on your wedding table especially filled with twinkly lights.

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