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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Today we are in conversation with Mrs Mole! A truly talented DIY bride from Worcestershire who spent four years planning her amazing wedding day, creating her very own luxury wedding stationery and wedding table plans, feel free to leave comments below, enjoy!

How did you meet your husband? We met in a bar in Worcester on a stupidly drunken night out! Where/how did he propose? He was super sneaky and planned the whole proposal with my best friend. She called and told me that she’d won a competition at work and the prize was a three-course dinner for five people at a fancy hotel called Coombe Abbey. She said that she’d like to take the usual girl-gang but would also like to invite Simon…I questioned if she wouldn’t prefer to take someone else rather than him! We spent the following few months talking about outfits and plans and even checking out the hotel menu to scope out the food we could expect. The day finally rolled around and I was so excited! We’d arrange that Simon and I would travel together and the rest of the party would be in a different car and would meet us there. We were well on our way and my best friend called to say that she was running late…I was SO furious! We arrived at the hotel and Simon suggested that we take a walk around the grounds to kill some time. We wandered around, admiring the beautiful moated setting and Simon diverted my gaze to look at some sheep in a field, then when I turned around, he was down on one knee, with a ring (a ‘fake’ one) in a ladybug (I love them) box! He asked the questions and I just stood open-mouthed, gazing at him. I never actually said ‘yes’ and he still reminds me of that, nearly five years on! We returned to the car and I asked if my best friend was still coming – I thought he’d taken the opportunity of her winning the competition and us being at somewhere fancy to pop the question – unbeknown to me, it was all the biggest and best lie of my life and she was at a bar in Worcester with some friends, awaiting my call to tell her the amazing news. He grabbed a bag from the boot, packed with an outfit change and tooth brush (no makeup though) and we spent the night at Coombe Abbey. The following day was spent exploring engagement rings at the Jewellery Quarter. Tell us about your Wedding Ceremony and Reception, where it was, the time of year, etc… We married in August 2016 at a church in Whitbourne, about 30 minutes from our home in Worcester. The reception was at a country house also in Whitbourne. Once we were engaged, we decided to wait to get married as we wanted to use our savings to buy a house. So we married just short of four years after the engagement. It’s still dubbed as the World’s Longest Engagement amongst our friends. We booked the wedding in January 2014 so had two and ½ years to plan the day. I think I spent every-single day thinking, planning, making invitations and my wedding table plan. Our reception venue was a DIY place, where we hired the hall and could do what we liked with it. We spent the Friday before the wedding rallying around our nearest-and-dearest to help decorate. Seeing all of the details I’d spent SO long agonising over, come together in the room was worth every second of stress and mess! What was on the menu? We had canapés of chorizo, chicken, tomatoes and mini-sausages (which we were too busy to sample) followed by a wedding breakfast of creamy garlic mushrooms, blade of beef and chocolate torte. Our evening food was burritos of beef, chicken and vegetables (again, we were too busy to sample) and wedding cake! Yum yum. What song did you choose for your first dance and why? We danced to ‘You are the best thing’ by Ray LaMontagne. We don’t really have a ‘song’ and we wanted something a bit more unusual, that many people haven’t heard of. The lyrics describe us perfectly! Apart from saying “I do” what was the best part of your Wedding day? I know a lot of people will say it but the whole thing coming together after so long was magical. Having all of your friends and family together and knowing that everyone is there to celebrate with you, was just the best feeling in the world! I loved the morning at my Mum’s house – getting up at 4am because I was just too excited (and my maid of honour was snoring like a walrus) and sitting on the sofa, dunking Wispa bars in my coffee. The hair and make-up ladies were amazing and I’d not had the chance to get my hair and make-up trials together on the same day so seeing that come together with my jewellery was just phenomenal. It was the first time I looked at myself and realised that I was a bride; that I was getting married! After four years of planning and because of me-being-me, everyone thought I’d be so stressed on the day, but to their (and my) surprise, I was really chilled and decided to just take a step back, and what will be, will be. And to enjoy every second of it! The drive to the church with my Granddad (Gramps) was really special to me. We’re always joking around and winding each other up, but he said some seriously loving words to me that will stay with me forever. The ceremony was really emotional for both Simon and I and we’d promised that we wouldn’t cry but I totally broke down during the vows (cue ugly crying face). One of my best friends read ‘The Key To Love’ which the words, like our first dance, fit us perfectly. We were beyond lucky with the weather – all pre-wedding activities (hen parties, stag do and two engagement shoots) had been during horrible rain so I was expecting miserable summer storms, but the weather-gods were extremely nice enough to deliver 27 degrees, a cloudless sky and glorious sunshine! It was a happy wedding and I’ve never smiled so much as I did on 6th August 2016. It was everything I’d ever dreamed of…and more! Would you do anything different? Looking back now, I’d love to have a video of the day. The photographs and memories are amazing but it would be wonderful to watch and relive the whole thing again through film.

Thank you for reading x

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