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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Ski and Snowboard Wedding Table Plans

Every Wedding seating plan that I create starts from a wonderful memory (apart from the bespoke orders of course). My father’s family is from Poland and one of my favourite holiday destinations is Zakopane in Southern Poland. We have been going to Zakopane since I was very young (always in the winter) and this is where I discovered my love for skiing and snowboarding! A theme that I used with my own luxury wedding invitations.

We used to stay at the Kasprowy hotel on the ski slope szymoszkowa, this was a very large hotel with its own Olympic size swimming pool, indoor play area and restaurants! You could stay at the back of the hotel, where every room would give you a lovely view of the szymoszkowa ski slope. Or you could stay at the front of the hotel where you would be blown away by the breath taking views of the Tatry Mountains. The entire town of Zakopane in the winter is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. Huge icicle’s can be seen hanging from every building and it’s f-f-f-freezing!

The Kasprowy hotel is perfect for young families, particularly because apart from all of the indoor activities, they have their very own ski and snowbaord hire shop and ski school (for any age). This is all on site, meaning that accidents, needing naps, food or just a rest are all just a few steps away! The hotel is a five minute walk from the main town of Zakopane, a bus is provided for guests to take them into the town every hour on the hour (I think this service is free to hotel guests only) There are many restaurants at the top and bottom of the szymoszkowa ski slope, all providing a wonderful array of traditional Polish cuisine.

Thinking about getting married in Poland? What a magical place to hold your wedding! The hotel is also a very popular wedding venue, for coupes that are decided on a full-on winter wedding, this is the place to go. The snow is guaranteed and is perfect for those memorable wedding photos. Yes it can get down to -15 but that’s what base layers are for.

A must try drink is a pint of beer with a sweet red syrup, this is pretty standard in the mountains, it is one of the most beautiful drinks I’ve ever had. Now more importantly, the food… OH MY WORD! If you love your meat, potatoes and vegetables you will love Polish food. You can order in pretty much any of the restaurants a trough, this is normally for several people as it contains lots of different meats, potatoes and occasionally you may find a little sprig of parsley (just to add a bit of green to the plate) My husband once went to order half a roast chicken for £2 then he was informed by the waitress that he could have a whole roast chicken for £2.50, so naturally he ordered the whole chicken and yes he ate the whole chicken too!

One of the best things about Zakopane is that you really go back in time, the town, the food and even the costumes/clothes the local workers, waiters and waitresses wear are unique to this part of the world. Sometimes when you go on holiday you can be anywhere as the surroundings can be very corporate and samey, with Zakopane this just isn’t the case. The décor of the buildings is incredible; all hand carved wooden features makes Zakopane a truly magnificent place.

I really like how health and safety don’t seem to exist there; you can walk into an establishment and be faced with a roaring open fire, covered in cooking potatoes! I mean you just couldn’t make it up! Many of the restaurants have cellars that have been converted into dining areas, this all adds to the Polish experience! Pretty much all of the restaurants have an in-house band, by band I mean 5 or 6 men playing their violins and singing their hearts out, the music isn’t to everyone’s taste but it’s nice to be part of something different.

A local favourite is the smoked cheese; this can be found literally anywhere! All restaurants sell this special cheese but you don’t even need to go in anywhere, there are lots are mini stalls on the high street and in the market that sell this cheese. It is very good!

The past few times we have visited Zakopane we have staying in beautiful log cabins. They are situated just 10 minutes out of the main town along a very quiet road. There is the main hotel which has about 10 bedrooms and holds the restaurant. Then beautifully situated around the main building are 4 log cabins (these are semi-detached) so in total there are 8 chalets.

Domki Javorina is a truly amazing place, the most magical place I have ever stayed. The snow comes to this part of Poland every year around early December and can stay as late as March. The main hotel has a stunning wooden crafted play area in the main restaurant for children, there are lots of toys and lots for the children to do, let’s face it, when the kids are happy so are the parents!

My ski wedding table plan is the first table plan that I ever designed. This was used for my own wedding and was a real success. Of course most of our guest had been with us or by themselves to Zakopane so they loved the plan. I used the Tatry Mountains as they are so close to my heart. You can customise your own snowboard wedding table plans with your favourite mountain range too.

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