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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

How did you meet your husband?

Back in 2015 in London on the magical dating website that is POF.

Where/how did he propose?

We were celebrating my lovely mum’s 60th birthday in Mexico with all our close family and about 3 days in, the heavens opened, so we decided to do some sightseeing in the hurricane weather. We went to Tulum to see some amazing ruins by the ocean (but we couldn’t see anything because the rain was so bad!) We walked around for an hour or so in our ponchos and Pete decided to take me to the muddiest part of the ruin where we got down on one knee!

This wasn’t his first choice of proposal however, but as the weather was so bad his other plans were destroyed. Initially he was going to hire a plane to write ‘will you marry me?’ in the sky, then a romantic beach dinner but the lovely weather made these impossible. So, dripping wet in the ruins it was!

Tell us about your Wedding, where it was, the time of year, etc…

We tied the knot on 20th May 2017 with a Catholic service at Belmont Abbey, followed by a reception at Homme House in Hereford. Our stunning spring wedding was the perfect blend of quintessentially English and Polish, combining our two cultures perfectly.

I made the decision to get ready at my parents’ house in Stourport and drive to Hereford in ‘Betty’ a 1929 Model A Ford Phaeton. She could only go 40mph so it took us 1hr and 30minutes :/ meaning I was 30 minutes late (got to keep him on his toes!). The ceremony was beautiful and our surprise Herefordshire Police Choir really made it extra special. We combined Catholic English and Polish traditions which made for a celebration for both our families and walking out to ‘All the saints go marching in’ just topped off the morning perfectly. Our luxury wedding invitations were made in the UK.

That special 30 minute drive to the reception will be something I remember forever, not only for the champagne, realisation that I was a wife and no longer a Gethins, but mainly because our trusty Betty broke down! I’ll never forget clambering out of the car into a windy country road and into a Honda Civic. We were on such a high this didn’t faze us at all, we just loved it adding another great memory to our day.

Arriving at our reception was one of the best parts of the day as we took part in some fabulous Polish traditions. Firsty, the gate whereby the bride has to be blindfolded and feel the faces of the guests and identify her husband…. I failed! We then kissed bread, took a pinch of salt and had to drink identical glass of water and vodka, whoever got the Vodka was the BOSS…. I got the vodka.

The reception had a few more surprises in store with the Police brass band playing our reception music in the walled rose garden. The food and speeches were amazing and the cocktail bar and sparklers really added that something extra special to the day.

What was on the menu?

We began with a tapas sharing board with a twist. One guest on each table had an apron and chef’s hat attached to the bottom of their chair and they had to make their own guacamole and serve the others.

Main course was a traditional roast beef dinner with all the trimmings

Dessert was Eton mess with a Polish Vodka shot for good luck!

We ended the meal with a ‘Surprise alla Gassa’ - our own take on expresso martini

As huge cheese lovers we decided to have a ‘cheese wedding cake’ which doubled up with fish and chips was the perfect evening food.

What song did you choose for your first dance and why?

Our first dance was ‘On top of the world’ by Imagine Dragons which the fantastic band ‘Spectrum’ learnt for us and executed perfectly.

We chose this because of the funny memories we associated with it. I am not a morning person and when we went on holiday Pete used to play this song every morning to me and it was the only song that got me out of bed. The upbeat tempo also really showed both of our personalities – we aren’t the slow song type of people.

Apart from saying “I do” what was the best part of your Wedding day?

I’d have to say the English and polish traditions really made the day perfect for me as it realy symbolised our two families coming together.

Would you do anything different?

I’d have it last 3 days!

Do you have any advice for other brides-to-be having similar celebrations to you?

Enjoy every moment, try not the let the small things bother you and practice smiling because your jaw will hurt at the end of the day!

Thank you for reading x

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