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Afternoon folks, here's a little clip from our very own bespoke wedding over 10 years ago. Please excuse the camera quality but hopefully if you sit back, turn the volume up and pop your glasses on, you will get the gist. Coming from a Polish family and attending Polish weddings in Poland when I was younger, I always knew that this game was a must for my own wedding.

I have wanted to add this game to my wedding blog for years but just failed to do so with limited time. I’m not sure if you will see anything quite like this even on the best wedding blogs out there but I like to be different. I’m always looking for new wedding blog ideas so please feel free to share your wedding games with me and for others.

Quite a simple game that can go many ways. Traditionally, the Bride along with all the single ladies sit in a long line. They pull up their skirts, dresses or trousers to just above the knee. The groom is blind-folded, spun around and taken to one end of the line.

He then has to feel each ladies’ knees in an effort to try and find his new bride. Think this sounds easy don’t you? Well, the bride is allowed to move places and of course when the ladies are being felt they are not allowed to speak.

Of course there is always that one bloke attending the wedding who’s up for a laugh and puts himself amongst the ladies. Yes, trousers up, hairy knees out!

This game is an absolute must for any wedding reception, it’s been over 10 years since we got married and this game is still mentioned. Unfortunately, the filming footage isn’t brilliant but please listen as carefully as you can to the choice of music in the background The Impressions – you’ve been cheatin and quite simply the laughter from all our guests, it was electric.

Please let me know what you think and I really hope you enjoy this wonderful Polish wedding tradition.

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