The special parts of my day

One of the best parts of preparing our wedding was the table names. My husband and I visited places that were special to us, especially beaches. We took pebbles and stones from these places and with white paint and a steady hand, named our tables after places we loved, Bredon Hill, Three Cliffs Bay and Sousa beach, this one was where James proposed to me.

This gave our tables a personal touch and we were able to put the stones in our garden at home after to remind us of our special day. Doing something like this adds a unique touch to your day and makes it your own.

Special parts of our wedding Special parts of our wedding day

Getting family involved

Having my mum do my flowers was just amazing, she knows me the best and inspired my taste in many also cost me nothing but time and love. Having some one so close provide something so important
for our day was just priceless, utilise what you have around you especially when people are keen to do it.

Getting people involved in the wedding! Getting people involved in the wedding!

Officially Mr and Mrs Benjamin

We got married in our local church were I was christened, we had our close friend sing 'Ave Maria' when we were signing the register and as you can see from our faces we were having time of our lives. Having a friend add their passion to our day is something I would highly recommend, it makes it very emotional and super special.

Involving friends!

Me and the boys

Even though my nephews were not part of the wedding party it was so lovey that they all wore matching outfits, something I would recommend. They were casual so they enjoyed wearing them and were relaxed all day....especially when their kids, they dont want to be wearing suits and all that!!!

Me and the boys!

All the crew

Having a picture of all your guests is hard, so having one taken by your photographer from a height is a must, you get all the colours, its less formal and  you get all the faces...perfect.

The wedding crew!

Picture Perfect

Perfect pictures capture the moment and are taken when you least expect them.

Walking down the aisle! Picture perfect!