Today we are speaking with a couple who are celebrating 40 years of marriage.

wedding table plan wedding table plan


How/when did you meet each other?

At a political meeting in Birmingham, we were introduced by mutual friends and had few drinks together that night.

Tell us about the marriage proposal?

We remember it differently

Tell us about your Wedding Ceremony and Reception, where it was, the time of year, were there any surprises or did anything unexpected happen etc…

It was a Winter wedding in Birmingham, with good weather and no hitches. The bride’s gran didn’t like the food so we had to send out for fish and chips from the local chip shop. All of our guests seemed to enjoy the day. The bridesmaid’s dresses were made by a close friend of the bride’s mum. The groom took his family for a tour of the black country on the way to the wedding. Not much has changed in the traditional wedding world but it would have been nice to have the tools, internet and variety of wedding shops there are now, back then there was no such thing as a wedding table plan or Pinterest, so it would have been good to have those tools.

What is your secret to a long lasting marriage?

A fair division of labour and a good sense of humour.

Do you have any advice for newlywed’s?

Open discord and honesty.