Lighting plays a very important part on your wedding day. It allows your photographer take the sweetest of photos. You can dress any venue/environment with lighting, it's just choosing the right set that takes time. 

Lantern lighting Lantern lighting

Hanging lanterns is a wonderful way to create a romantic atmosphere on your wedding day. They can be hung by themselves or with floral decorations. You can buy different coloured lanterns these days but the plain white/cream are the most popular, these colours will compliment any other colour.

twinkle lights twinkle lights

I love twinkle lights, it's such a shame that a lot of people only bring them out for Christmas, thankfully they are being brought out more now for weddings and just everyday use. They can have different settings, static, twinkle and many others, they all help to set the right atmosphere for your big day.

chandelier plan chandelier plan light

We offer a chandelier wedding table plan which has twinkle lights inserted. For the daytime, the plan looks very simple, but come night time, the plan transforms into a magical sight. All with a simple flick of a switch at the back of the plan.

festoon lighting festoon lighting

Festoon lighting is awesome, again there are different types of bulb that can create different scenes. The frosted bulb creates a full soft light and the clear glass bulb creates a delicate light. Whatever the lighting effect that you choose you can be sure that any of these lights will help make your day just that little bit more magical.