How to choose your wedding colours

It’s probably the question you will be asked most about your big day, what is your colour scheme? From family and friends to your cake designer and stationery creator, it’s such an important part of what will help shape your big day. Your colour scheme will set the tone for your wedding, for your bridesmaids, your stationery, flowers, decorations, your bouquet, the cake, and of course your dress!

Colours are really powerful, they can create a certain mood for a certain event. For example when choosing a colour to decorate your home you choose colours that make you feel a certain way. Most brides will tell you that they want all white, or shades of pink, these are extremely safe colours, so why not consider your favourite colours as well as your season and style. If you really don’t know where to start here are some seasonal advice tips.

Seasonal Colours



Spring colours are usually all about pastels, pale peaches, think lemons and duck egg blues, coral pinks, mint greens, creams and lilacs, for some online inspiration visit


Summer colours are bold yellows, coral, salmon, emerald green, reds, oranges, bright blue and hot pink, for more inspiration visit


Autumn is all about the leaves, think reds, oranges, purple, mustard yellow, browns, greens, any burnt colour, bronze, gold and cream, for more inspiration visit


All-white is gorgeous, but add a splash of lavender for warmth. Or go for a metallic, silver, ice blues, navy blues and of course lots of glitter! for more inspiration visit

Think of your wedding as a blank canvas, just waaiting for you to paint in your special colours, and most of all have fun creating your masterpiece!