A Christmas Wedding Baby it's cold outside, the fire is burning beautifully, cinnamon sticks and mulled wine scents fill the air, and holly and mistletoe are the Christmas decorations covering the walkways. The crisp cold air fills the streets, the gentle frosting upon the crispy leaves that have fallen from the trees covers the whole village. Planning I always recommended investing in a diary or arch folder when making wedding plans. If you should come across a magazine with an inspirational image, then why not tear it out and file it away for planning. If you keep a notebook/diary these are handy for to do lists, gift lists and other notes you wish to keep. I found that the more you plan the less mistakes and regrets you will have. I often hear how brides say, I saw this beautiful image once and I was sure because of how much I loved it that I would never forget it, but I did, I forgot about the colours and the image and I wish I had torn it out and kept it. Trending Christmas Colour Schemes The traditional Christmas colours are of course, red and green. These are classic time colours that will never fade. In reception venues that are old, stone churches and barn conversions, these colours work beautifully. However, if you are looking for something different then why not mix white and ice blue, purple and mustard yellow, or rose gold and turquoise. If you use a mood board at the planning stage then you can add all of these colours and more to see what suits your venue the best. Woodland Christmas theme For a Christmas woodland theme, you'll need lots of natural elements, including plenty of pinecones and green foliage. Ivy, holly, and mistletoe are standard, but you can also include pussy willow and evergreen boughs. Gypsophila wedding flowers are perfect for Christmas, as are other delicate white flowers such as snowdrops and lilies, combined with deep red blooms like amaryllis or ranunculus. A Christmas bouquet A sure way to catch attention and create a real talking point is to add lighting to your bouquet. Real or false flowers are great with them, just add the twinkle lights in-between the flowers and make sure they are battery lit. This way you can turn them on and off whenever you need too.