Love is Brewing - Beer is slowly becoming bigger in Britain thanks to the importing of the "craft" brewing movement from the united states a few years ago. Breweries are springing up across the country and experimenting with styles and methods of brewing that haven't been available for decades — sometimes even longer. We love to try new drinks and thanks to this movement it is now possible. Let's face it, who doesn't like to try something a little different.

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One of the most important parts of a Wedding reception (according to the male species) are the beverages! We all like a little tipple now and again, but Weddings are normally an occasion where it is acceptable to have a "few"! Always check with your wedding venue to see what ale's they have on tap, some venues will allow you to buy your own and bring it in. At my own wedding, my father (who finds ales very important) didn't link the current selection at our venue. We aked them if we could bring in our own barrel and they happily obliged us.

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We are now launching our brand new Craft Beer Wedding table plan for craft beer lovers, along with our beer mat invitations. You can choose any beer bottle or can if you prefer, to use on your very own seating plan, how cool is that! After placing an order online via our secure checkout, you will receive an email confirming your order and requesting your choice of bottles. These can be anything you wish, after all, it is your day! It's also a great way of getting your other half involved in the wedding planning (if you want that). Our beer table mats are also a great way of putting your own bespoke mark on your wedding day and wedding venue. Again these can be designed in any style to suit your theme/venue. 

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Another idea is to collect old beer bottles for your table centerpeices, these can be tied in a group and filled with fresh flowers. You can also dress them with a little twine or vintage style ribbon, you could hang a tag from the ribbon with the table name. Fresh flowers are a beautiful idea but there is another option of false flowers. These days false flowers are actually made very well indeed and to the untrained eye it is very hard to tell the difference. You can purchase false flowers from all good homeware stores, they come in a full range of colours. The upside to having false flowers is of course you can buy them well in advance of the wedding so it gives you time to arrange them perfectly. The other plus side is that when you are finished with them you can either keep them for your own house or sell them onto another bride.

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There are companies that will print your names or a love logo onto beer bottle tops just for your Wedding day! These are a fabulous keepsake for you and your guests. You can also have your own beer bottle lables printed to suit your theme. The beauty is that a beer bottle can be dressed up to the nines or left completely blank, either way they look brilliant! 

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this little blog, please feel free to leave comments below....cheers!