Rebecca's Wedding Rebecca's Wedding


From the moment you announce your engagement you’ll have an army of friends and family asking questions and making suggestions.  Everyone will have a different opinion on the most important aspects of the day.  For some it will be the dress for others the venue or food and drink.  Some will argue in favour of a small, intimate wedding, while others will feel that a wedding is an opportunity to be extravagant.  My advice to you as you plan your big day is to decide on the things that are important to you.  Of course it is important that you take into account the feelings and opinions of those close to you, but you must remember it is your day and your desires are most important.

Beckys Wedding Beckys Wedding

For me it was important that my wedding was simple and elegant and that I feel special and beautiful, after all it was my wedding day!  I had a large wedding with over 150 guests but there were people dear to my husband and to myself who were no longer with us and it was important to me that they were remembered.  I achieved this by naming the tables after them, with the final table being called Memories.  I know this touch was appreciated by many of the guests.  I also wanted to do something for my husband to be, nothing flashy or extravagant, just a small touch.  So I had the top tier of our wedding cake made in coffee sponge, his favourite, and had it saved to enjoy on our honeymoon, this way we made our special day last just a little longer.  A further element that was important to me was the photos, I wanted a mix of formal and informal shots and I wanted copies of all the photos in a format that I could reproduce as I wished rather than having to keep going back to the photographer for copies and prints.  I did a lot of internet research and found Andy and Jo Munro, a husband and wife team who offered exactly what I wanted.  We met with them a couple of times before the wedding and felt comfortable and happy in their hands.  I was overjoyed with the results and best of all as part of their package you receive a disc with all of your photos on in a high quality, printable format.

Beckys Wedding

My final piece of advice is this, be open to new ideas that deviate from your original vision of ‘the perfect wedding’.  Hold on to those elements that are important to you but be prepared to investigate other options.  There may be an amazing conservatory that trumps the marquee you had in mind or a huge princess dress that looks incredible on you and suits you better than the A-line you’d dreamed of.

Beckys Wedding Beckys Wedding