wedding table plan

Whether you’re in a hurry or waiting for the deal of a lifetime, planning a last minute wedding is very exciting.

These days a wedding can cost anything in-between £500 and £5,000,000. The wedding websites below are very popular amongst couples planning a last minute wedding.

Last minute Wedding Venue sites:

The beauty about having a last minute wedding is of course the cost. There are deals that some couples have taken providing a 20 bedroom country house with all the trimmings for a jaw dropping £5000. This particular offer would have normally been around £50,000. So it’s clear that if you get it right, you can have the wedding of your dreams for a tiny fraction of the cost. Of course the downside is that these kind of deals will only come up with a month’s deadline. If you’re sure that your guests can be that at such short notice, then go for it!

Then there are the hotels/venues that offer part discounts. Perhaps you already have the catering sorted and just need the venue, it’s always best to ask and see what each venue has on offer.

I am always happy to work with last minute couples, I hate to think of a couple not having what they want for their wedding day, so I do my absolute best to accommodate them.

What is the shortest notice you have been given to create a wedding table plan?

One week! I was contacted by the groom who was beside himself with worry. He phoned me on the Monday panicking that this was his only job and he had forgotten all about it. I immediately set about calming him down then we had a good chat about his request. He was getting married that Saturday which pretty much left me no time. After playing email tennis the groom was happy with the design and I set about my work. The plan was delivered to him on the Thursday and he was over the moon, all is well that ends well I say!

Do you have any tips for couples planning a last minute wedding?

Use Pinterest as much as possible, it’s a great tool for ideas and inspiration. You can even see what other brides/grooms have done with no time to spare, I hugely recommend Pinterest.

If you don’t ask you don’t get. I designed and created a couples wedding stationery earlier this year, they were getting married last minute and after speaking with them I found out that the venue they had for their reception had always been their dream venue. This venue did not advertise as a “last minute” wedding venue, my clients just arrived one day and asked if there was any late availability, just by luck the venue had had a cancellation that week for the date my clients were looking for. So if you see a venue that is perfect for you, just ask the question and you may get a big surprise.

What are the things that couples overlook when planning a last minute wedding?

Parking, not every wedding venue is set in its own grounds with huge amounts of parking. Some venues that are in city centres for example, do not have parking and therefore can make it difficult for guests to attend at short notice.

Favours/gifts, sometimes there’s just too much going on and it has been known to happen that thankyous are forgotten. The best way to make sure that nothing is left out, is to get yourself a diary/notebook. These are great for making notes and to do lists.