When I worked at The Elms Hotel in Abberley, I saw my fair share of marquee weddings. They are a great idea for so many reasons, I will try and share my knowledge with you about them and why a marquee wedding might be the right choice for you. Firstly, and I suppose most importantly you need to choose your venue, marquee can be erected at most venues, even home weddings. I always used to say the beauty about a marquee wedding was that it was a blank canvas.

No matter what your theme, you could achieve the look you were going for with a marquee. From a woodland setting to an extravagant glitzy affair, a marquee will help you make your dreams come true. Most marquee companies would arrive a few days before the wedding to properly erect the marquee. There were several stages for this process. The shell would be erected then the covering would be added.

As soon as the roof and walls were in the place, the floor would be laid out. These were normally square slabs of wood that could be fastened together. The floor would have a sturdy type carpet added and there would always be a big square area in the middle of the marquee for the evening entertainment/dancing. There will also be an area for the wedding table plans.

Then the heating/cooling equipment would be installed. This was so important as you can imagine in the UK the weather can change very quickly and can make or break a wedding. Then the furniture would arrive, tables and chairs and many other creations. This is where the fun starts and the magic happens. This is the time where you can really put your mark on your wedding. If you are dressing the marquee yourself then here are some tips:

• Make a mood board

• Create an account of Pinterest

• Visit garden centres for inspiration

• Keep a wedding folder with magazine cut outs

• Plan plan and plan

Once you have chosen your theme, then you can visit warehouses and garden centres for your decorations. I like to visit a huge warehouse called Country Baskets in Lye, nr Birmingham. It is a wonderful place full of inspiring ideas and all the stock you need to dress your marquee. They go made at Christmas too, which is always a treat! You can buy your floral decorations and glass centrepieces.

They don’t just sell wedding display items either, they stock and sell everything for the lead up to your wedding. Gifts, favours, favour boxes, table linen, stationery and much, much more. The staff are very friendly and helpful too. Once you have your goodies, you can dress your marquee. Again all of the detail is in the planning. Good Luck and enjoy!