For those of you who already know about Pinterest I don’t need to elaborate. However, for those of you who haven’t heard about it, sit back and get ready for information overload!

Pinterest is an online website that allows you to collect and save images that you see anywhere on the web. So in the olden days you would buy a magazine and tear out the pictures/text of the bits you wanted to keep, this is still a great way of keeping inspiration but the downside is that you need a lot of folders.

wedding table plan

The way Pinterest works – let’s say you are making your own wedding cake. Not only do you need a recipe but you want to find some inspiration for the design. You can create a new “board” (folder) and call it “wedding cake” then either type wedding cake into the search field within the Pinterest website or wedding cake in google.

wedding table plan

Both searches will bring up thousands of wedding cake pictures, so you may need to narrow your search down to your theme, let’s say “cheese wedding cake” then you will be able to see lots of images of cheese wedding cakes. Simply scroll through the images and hover the cursor over the image you like. In the top left hand corner, you will see a red “pop up button” with the Pinterest symbol and the word save. Click on this button and you will be presented with your boards, then choose which board you would like to file the image away in, this own would be the “wedding cake” board.

message in a bottle wedding invitation

The great thing about Pinterest is the amount of information you can store, you can have as many boards as you like, this is really useful when planning a wedding. Here are my top 10 boards for organising your own wedding:

  1. Bridal gown
  2. Venues
  3. Wedding Table Plan
  4. Bridesmaids
  5. Invitations
  6. Colour theme
  7. Flowers
  8. Food and Drink
  9. Wedding cake
  10. Hair and Make-up

Of course there are many other boards you can create, but you can use these 10 as a starting point.

The Wedding Parcel has its very own Pinterest account, this means if you like some of the items that we are saving, you can follow us and everything we save is shared to you, how fab is that, you won’t miss a thing. Click here to see our account.

This works the same for you also, if you are saving lots of images that are interesting to other likeminded brides then they can “follow” you. They will get to see everything that you save. There is another option, let’s say you are saving favours “gifts” for your bridesmaids, but you don’t want them to see what you are saving. You can select a button within the board to make it a secret board, this means the content is only visible to you.

I highly rate Pinterest for organising a wedding, why not try it out today?