Top Table Seating

The wedding party table


The Top Table at a wedding is where the bride and groom sit along with key wedding guests.
These guests are either family or the wedding party. There are a number of choices with top table layout and format.


The Wedding Party seating arrangement involves seating your wedding party on the top table. You can arrange the order in any preference but it is often done male, female alternating.

Informal round tables for guests provide a good chance for the table to get to know each other. It is customary to sit guests male, female alternate and to seat friendship groups together on the same table. With this style of seating depending on the atmosphere you wish to create some couples spread the ‘noisy’ groups across the room from each other - you’ll know who they are!

The Family Top Table

family-top-table family-top-table

Many couples choose to sit family members on the top table. Most of the time this involves seating the brides mother and father either side of the bride and groom followed by the grooms mother and father.

Today many couples have grandparents, step parents or siblings that they feel should also be placed on the top table. It is customary to sit the best man and maid of honour at the end.

If using long tables sit couples opposite and mix up your guests to allow for interaction.

Informal Round


Some couples may not like the focus that a straight top table gives them, instead you may wish to be seated amongst your guests and for this many couples choose to opt for a round top table.

It is a good idea to have a ‘childs table’, seat them together and provide activities to keep them occupied.

Horseshoe Style


For some small intimate weddings guests maybe seated in a horseshoe position meaning everyone can talk to everyone.