The Gin world just keeps on expanding and expanding, I don’t know about you but I seem to find a “favourite” new Gin every month! Not only does a particular Gin taste one way with normal tonic, you can add another dimension by adding different tonics and different fruits. I don’t claim to be a Gin Connoisseur but I definitely have a good understanding of a well-made Gin, I just like what I like and trust my pallet. 

                                                  gin wedding table plan

I have a few favourites but there was one ingredient that kept making an appearance. This ingredient I found was in Tanqueray No. TEN, Silent Pool, Bloom and The Botanist – they all have Chamomile! One of Chamomile’s characteristics in gin is that it doesn’t vanish or dominate, allowing it to beautifully compliment the other botanicals, giving a rather smooth sipping quality.

After designing a few Gin themed wedding table plans over the years, I had noticed that more and more couples kept choosing the same group of Gin’s. Was this because they were the best marketed ones, or because they tasted the best? I found it very interesting so I decided to do a little investigating. I asked a few of my customers some questions and their answers were quite surprising:

  1. Have you tried all of the Gin’s you have chosen?
  2. Why have you chosen these particular Gin’s?
  3. Have you ever tried a Gin that you didn’t like?
  4. Where do you see most Gin’s advertised?

The majority of customers answered exactly the same!

  1. No, we have tried quite a few of them but not all.
  2. We really like the look of the bottles, they are all lovely shapes and colours.
  3. We have our favourites but never tried one we didn’t like.
  4. Social Media, mainly Twitter and Facebook

I’ve found the most popular Gin’s are as follows: Tanqueray and Tanqueray No.TEN, Bloom, Hendrick’s, Silent Pool, Monkey 47, Bulldog, Bombay Sapphire, Plymouth, Victoria Edwards Rhubarb and last but not least Gin Mare. I’m sure that these bottles are not only chosen for their taste but for their beautifully unique designs, which leads me on to say… Gin bottles aren’t just great for holding fabulous tasting spirits, they also look absolutely stunning! When you mix all of these wonderfully different bottles together you can actually make a very eye-catching display.

silent pool gin wedding table plan gin wedding table plan

Naming your tables after Gin bottles definitely makes a talking point, which table are we on? What table are you on? I’ve never heard of that Gin before, I’m going to order one now! You can use Gin table cards for table identification or use the actual bottle with our “bottle name cards” hanging around the neck. If you choose the second option, this is a great reason to sample all of your favourite Gin’s, as if we need an excuse!

We offer a full range of unique Gin wedding stationery, from Welcome signs to place cards, we’ve got it covered!

There is also a very popular trend on the wedding scene, photo booths and props. If you’re not familiar with these let me enlighten you at once. When the evening reception gets going, the fun really starts. Photo booths can be anything from boxes you stand behind, to a card frame you hold in front of you. You can add additional props into the mix such as, silly faces, funny glasses, celebrity faces and many more. Here at The Wedding Parcel, we have our own take on photo booths, especially Gin themed photo booths!

With your friends, stand in front of the camera holding our Gin bottles, complete with lifelike spirits pouring out of the bottle neck. We can print your favourite Gin’s making your photo pack completely bespoke. We also throw in the rather important and very necessary pieces of fruit that compliment Gin perfectly.

I know it’s only October but let’s face it, Christmas is just around the corner! I’ve said it before and no doubt I will say it again, this is my favourite time of the year. The leaves changing, the cold nights drawing in and of course Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas. I have been working on a new design for a while now (in between orders) and can finally share with you my new Gin-gle bells wedding table plan. Perfect for Gin and Christmas lovers everywhere! Choose your own Gin bottles to create a Gin Christmas tree, I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this! Cheers everyone!