Invitation Advice  Invitation Advice

Chances are that your big day will carry a theme that is personal to you, this includes the wedding dress, colours, venue and decorations.  Your wedding invitations or Save The Date cards will be the first glimpse that your guests will see of your event’s theme.  Make sure that the invitations are truly elegant and personalised perfectly to match your theme.  You need to show your guests how amazing the day is going to be!

  1. Inevitably not all of the guests that you invite will be able to attend, and you will probably end up inviting “backup guests”. Order 10% more invitations than you require, with blank names to allow for this.  Alternatively order your luxury wedding stationery from someone like The Wedding Parcel, who will make additional invitations for you on demand with no minimum order requirements.
  2. Try to gather a list of your guests addresses as soon as possible – ideally 12 months in advance.  Your guests will love to be surprised with an exquisite personalised invitation through the post; however it won’t be much of a surprise if you asked them for their address the week before!
  3. Ask close friends and family to make sure everyone has been invited who should be.  Often it’s courteous to invite your parent’s friends for example, after all the day will be as special to them as it will to you.
  4. Make sure that you send out your invitations at least 6 weeks in advance, ideally sooner.  You are going to need the responses to give your caterer the final numbers.
  5. If your wedding is a long time away, consider using Save The Date cards.  These will allow people to make a date in their diary and not double book.  Sending out the formal invitations too early detracts from the specialness of the occasion as the guests will undoubtedly forget what they looked like.
  6. Formal wording on invitations is traditional, but this can vary to some degree depending on who is sending them.  Have a look at some sample wording and see what is most suitable for you.  You don’t have to be bound to this though, its your big day after all, so be as creative and personal as you want!
  7. Make sure that you include enough information about times, locations, activities and directions.  The Wedding Parcel offer optional guest information inserts which can be slotted in behind the invitation.
  8. Proofread everything fully three times.  Mistakes can be costly and embarrassing!